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All you need to know about the implications of poor leave management

Time off. It’s something that is extremely important to employees. It gives them the opportunity to relax and come back to work completely recharged. However, leave isn’t limited to just relaxation— it could include emergencies too. Whatever your employees’ reason for taking time off may be, leave and absence form a very important element of a company’s

Why building your own HRMS can be better than outsourcing HR operations

Small businesses often start out with the founder wearing many hats, including that of a human resources (HR) manager. But, as the business matures, and a 5-person squad turns into a 20-person team or a 50-person group, compliance becomes a big issue – even for an experienced HR professional. With a growing team, the Excel sheets, emails, and

Awesome Apps - Do more with your WordPress website

Today we are happy to announce ‘Awesome Apps’, it will enable you to do more with your website.

By adding these apps to your website, you will convert it from a mere website to a useful utility for your business.

Here is list of Awesome Apps that we are releasing

Careers: To help you manage your recruitment flow, and create

Hello world!

Welcome to Awesome Websites.

In last 6+ years at WPoets we have created 100s of site and web application and only about 10% of them are actually active or upto date, rest are either outdated or no more in existence. The reason we found that those of our customers who were routinely tweaking their website/app based on feedback they